Friday, 31 May 2013

Gold Treasures from Cave Polovragi


Getae-Dacian gold and silver – romanian ancient historyThe ancient Dacians, Getae and Thracians were ancient people related to each other who lived in South-Eastern Europe over 2000 years ago, in today’s Romania and Bulgaria. The dacians and the getae from North of Danube river (the natural border between Bulgaria and Romania today) were united by Burebista in 82 BC, under the name of Dacia. The getae from South of Danube River were called Moesians (Moesia). Below Moesia lived the Thracians.
This is a modest display of getae-dacian (and thracian) artifacts. Many were pillaged by the roman empire and later on by treasure thieves  - especially Sarmisegetuza Regia, dacian capital from Transylvania, which sadly is still being plundered as we speak since the romanian authorities show no interest in providing tight security in the area.
All in all, Bulgaria and Romania sit on a land rich of history that’s still waiting to be fully uncovered…
“De teama sa nu inviem,/ Ne-au risipit cetatile, ne-au ucis altarele,/ Toate frumusetile, ca-ntr-un blestem,/ Ni le-au schilodit. Si-am ramas doar cu soarele./ Din el ne-am croit poteci in padure, in munte,/ Langa vetre marunte./ Daca te uiti bine, inapoi/ In pietre, nemuritori, suntem noi, numai noi…”

“For fear of our resurrection, / They ruined our cities, they ruined our altars, / All our beauties gone, like a curse, they crippled us/ And we were left only with the sun. / With him we made paths in the forests, in the mountains, / Near small hearths. / If you look back, in every stone, immortal/You’ll find us, just us … “

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