Saturday, 1 June 2013

It was found the legendary "White City"? An enigmatic citadel was discovered thanks to a cutting-edge technology

Researchers believe that it is possible to be found hidden in the jungles of Honduras, a lost city - White City - which legends say that it was full of gold.

Vestiges of an unknown settlements were discovered by researchers at the University of Houston and the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM), using advanced laser scanners that "see" through the canopy of trees often.

Specialists flew Mosquitos region of Honduras aboard a small plane, equipped with apparatus to the ground emitting 100,000 laser pulses per second, creating a 3-D digital map of land under the canopy.

Analyzing the data, scientists have observed relief formations that appear to be traces of an abandoned city, invaded by jungle.

According to legend, there was a city in this area extremely bgat gold called Spanish Ciudad Blanca (White City), said the conquistador Hernando Cortes in 1526, in a letter to King Charles V of Spain.

Since then, the White City Lights explorers imagination even today.

A passionate filmmaker White City legend, Steven Elkins, managed to obtain funding for a research expedition conducted by NCALM and the University of Houston to study the mosquitos with a laser mapping system called lidar (light detection and ranging), hoping to uncover the remains of lost settlements in the jungle.

Although we can not say exactly where it is or even White City if it ever existed in reality, three-dimensional maps by lidar "clearly shows the existence of parties that can be considered great ruins of human settlements due to spatial complexity, size and their organization, "said Christopher Fisher, a professor at the University of Colorado, who led the research. The data show that this region was densely populated, and the medium was changed by human intervention.

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