Friday, 7 June 2013

LHC will stop running for two years, followed in 2015 to decipher the secrets of the Big Bang

The largest and most powerful particle accelerator in the world will enter a period of hibernation from March, enabling engineers to perform an upgrade that will allow you to achieve very high energy levels, which will open up new astounding discoveries after identifying the Higgs boson.London from 99 €> Book flights through
Once the accelerator worth 10 billion dollars will be reopened at the beginning of 2015, it will be used to observe rare events and more mysteries to unravel, said James Gillies, spokesman particle physics laboratory known world called CERN.
Large Hadron Collider - the Large Hadron Collider, as it is known in English - located in the border between Switzerland and France will continue to operate for another two months, then stopping service to enable engineers to place several thousand superconducting cables that will allow the accelerator to achieve "maximum permissible power design," said Gillies.
Physicists at the European Center for Nuclear Research (known as CERN, its acronym in French) will not stop working while the accelerator is turned off. They have studied the huge amounts of data from the discovery in 2012 of a new subatomic particle called the Higgs boson, will obtain new information about the universe.
In the next two months, the LHC will collide protons with lead ions, and then undergo several weeks of testing before it stopped. Accelerator was launched in September 2008, but was stopped just nine days after launch when welding problem led to overheating, damaging the massive magnets and other parts of the accelerator. Repairs have cost 40 million dollars.
The accelerator is restarted in November 2009, it worked almost without problems, and energy level was gradually increased to record levels, producing huge amounts of data.
However, the accident in 2008, the accelerator was forced to operate at a power level much below the capacity of the project accelerator. To fix this shortcoming, engineers will install the next two superconducting cables redesigned 10,000, they will form a link between the magnets. The new cables will significantly improve the ability to simulate accelerator moments that took place shortly after the Big Bang, about 14 billion years ago.
"We get more collisions. With the more collisions are the chances to observe rare events. The Higgs is just one of the many desires that we have from the particle accelerator, thus increasing energy levels will increase the potential to make discoveries, "concluded Gillies.

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