Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Stephen Hawking: "Nothing did not create the universe. Big Bang did not need nothing "

Our universe did not need any divine help to "arise", said the famous cosmologist Stephen Hawking in front of a packed audience at the California Institute of Technology.Vienna from 114 €> Book flights through
Hawking gave a lecture entitled "The Origin of the Universe" and the queues for tickets began to form 12 hours before the lecture famous physicist. Two hours before the lecture, tails beyond 400 meters.
Finally, representatives of the university decided to send lecture live within a second auditorium and a giant screen in front of a lawn which gathered 1,000 people. A keen offered $ 1,000 for a ticket scientific lecture, but no one was willing to sell the precious ticket.
Stephen Hawking lecture began reciting an African creation myth, and then went to the big questions such as "Why are we here?".
Physician noted that many people seek divine solution to counter theories physicists, and at one point asked, "What was God before divine creation? Preparing Hell for people who ask such questions? ".
Hawking explained: "We humans are the product of quantum fluctuations that occurred in the early universe."
Once synthesized religious ideas about creation of the universe, Hawking detailed scientific explanations offered by researchers, detailing including state theory of Fred Hoyle and continue postulates Thomas Gold. This supports the idea that there is a beginning and an end, and that galaxies continue to form of matter created spontaneously.
Hawking explains why this theory and many other ideas are refuted by recent observations from space telescopes and other instruments.
After giving some basic information about relativistic physics and cosmology, Hawking discussed the idea of ​​a Big Bang repeat. Physicist pointed out that in the 80s he showed with Roger Penrose that the universe could "return" after contracts, as some researchers.
So, time began with the Big Bang, and this event held once said Hawking. Age universe - estimated at about 13.8 billion years - the estimated model fits the research and maturity galaxies seen it in turn to confirm this model.
Hawking made another comment on modern religion, remembering a time in the '80s he published research on when "born" universe. When Pope John Paul II "fight" scientists announced that they would have to study the creation, for it is holy. "I'm glad I was not handed over to the Inquisition," Hawking joked.
Hawking said he was disappointed by the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, "Physics would be more interesting if the researchers did not discover this particle," said cosmologist.
Physicist concluded his lecture by referring to the "M Theory", which is partly based on ideas postulated by another famous physicist, Richard Feynman. Hawking believes that this is the only theory that explains what great idea noticed.
M theory argues that many universes were created out of nothing, Hawking explains the numerous histories and states of existence are possible. In a few of these states of existence possible existence of life forms, and mankind could exist in a small number of states and existence. Hawking said that he feels lucky to live in this state of existence.
Hawking ended his lecture with a pleadoarie for further exploring the cosmos: "We must continue to go into space for the future of humanity. I do not think we will survive another 1,000 years without getting rid of this fragile planet. "

Evolution of the planet along with all occupants is quite normal, on f many factors .. but it does not do that, what are the (in) she can govern (idem Universe) a glimpse of the cell under influence of water, sun, wind etc. and reach existing complexity. As we know, we are lovers of this world region (only those who respect nature) and fund our person .. our lives .. what make, feel, etc.. It not only looks, but life is an invitation to enjoy this but .. this blessing to exist (individual and environmental) ... exist without your intervention propia support yourself (are sustained) in the evolutionary process and purpose remain the same happiness. But what is happiness? .. Each makes its own definition and they determine how to obtain and master it as much. In my view and others happiness is finding his unspeakable mercy of him who did all this stretched out on the table and not only seen, that when they make sense and life. The problem is that man in his unbelief and the act of creation, the universe and oneself, too trivial, too self-evident, too mathematical .. although the material is mathematics but that does not mean that God clothed himself in just math and formulas ... is more than that.You can not argue the lack of vision by the fact that some do not see it or we do not come from the Bible day and so creative (who knows what day to God) and ask resemble the sky or what not to you increase the desire to Him. Miracles are all made right before our eyes, explainable or not .. universe we and why these creatures watching them!It's not like we did we nor scientists .. like any mother and father in the act of creation could not even decide how much health .. remember .. you have beauty. All have been and will be the benevolence of the Creator .. even if the world is going against him. It's a blind war do not understand, to be against the Love! .. Maybe on the gift to be free to do what you want, which I felt needed a little more. Maybe I was not happy being free in our search without our head's mouth .. I was and how. But how is it so great freedom and indulgence and open door to return back.But that's true. We like to live without rules, as if they were made as deemed to flatter him when in fact they are for our happiness and exaltation. Who was not happy making love god or the God of love .. in fact his love and neighbor are the basis of the 10. Repeat who have tried ..? .. Try and you've blessed you, you will discover loving it.Want more miracles do His will because we will not discover more if the level at which we tend to ignorance. It's like in school .. you prize works.God closed his work in us .. and how much work is to discover it without soul ... here's one weakness: We're looking for the math wrong body with black holes ... I think that he's tired of mathematics so that it only made us and room and board and food and from us hear all of this.What he wants to hear and see from us is that the investment that he did in each and capital qualities which free shared thoughts are put in facts that we can lift up to him.All that has created them perfect and leading us why he sent the Son to create compatibility.Begin even a thanks for all that His mercy is sweeter than life.And the message for atheists can say that you have within you the strength to become the best messengers of God revealing himself to you, you will see acute difference between the two worlds will actually be your strength. For this I suggest everyone mini prayerLord help my unbelief.

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