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Top 7 Ancient Treasures Missing !!

How many of us have dreamed in childhood, impressed by the fascinating tales of adventurers and pirates, embark on an epic adventure on the sea, mountains, jungles and forests in search of hidden treasures? "Movies, stories, fiction" some will say, perhaps most. Not entirely true! From ancient times, the times legendary ancient and even medieval we receive information, some more credible than others, of fabulous hidden treasures and missed that they left behind some chimera of huge riches, promised sometimes maps. Seven of these treasures are of special importance, so the actual value, and the loads cultural, religious and mythological he gives.

 7 Blackbeard the Pirate Treasure

The famous pirate Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard, and spent only two years (1716-1718) despoiling great. However, this short period was sufficient to raise an immense treasure. While the Spanish were busy to seize gold and silver from Mexico and South America, Blackbeard and his camarzii waited patiently, then rushed to the ships laden with treasure looting and the Spaniards, when they return to the old Continent. Blackbeard became, in time, the most feared pirate, gaining a reputation as a ruthless and greedy opportunist.

Blackbeard the pirate story served as a source for writers ispiratie Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy

Domina terror over West Indies and the Atlantic coast of North America, with headquarters in both the Bahamas and North Carolina. He perished in November 1718, when British Lieutenant Robert Maynard decapitated and the head hung ark as a trophy. Blackbeard admitted to his tormentors that he hid the treasure, but did not disclose where. Prompting the countless treasure hunters to seek even today. Blackbeard's sunken ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, is believed to have been discovered in 1996 near Beaufort, North Carolina, but did not load on board. Treasure might be hidden somewhere in the Caribbean, the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia or in caves of the Cayman Islands. The fact is that no one has managed to find and many still looking for.

6 Treasure of Lima

In 1820, in Peru, Lima was on the verge of revolt. As a precautionary measure, the viceroy decided to move riches city in Mexico, to be kept safe. Thus, precious stones, two gold life-size statues representing the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus and many others have filled 11 ships, with a total rise in that time the amount of $ 60 million. Shippers viceroy entrusted Commander William Thompson on "Dear Mary", which turned out to be a ruthless pirate. This led ships to Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean, where it is said to buried treasure.

Then "Dear Mary" was captured by the Spanish and all sailors, apart from Thompson and his help were hanged. The pair led the jailer to Cocos, where they managed to escape into the jungle. Neither they nor the treasure were never seen again. Since then, more than 300 expeditions have tried, unsuccessfully, to find the treasure of Lima.

5 Lost Treasure of the Pharaohs
When Howard Carter (re) discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings, in 1922, archaeologist was stunned by the splendor of artefacts which have accompanied the young Pharaoh on the other side. Near the burial chamber was found a treasure so great that it took Carter's decade as cataloged to finish. However, when other burial chambers of the most prominent pharaohs were discovered in the nineteenth century, their treasure chambers were almost empty. Everyone knows that grave robbers had time in many centuries to go with treasures, but such thefts appear above petty criminals. Then where are the vast treasures of the pharaohs buried in the Valley of Kings?

Montezuma's Treasure

The destruction of the Aztec empire by the Spaniards arrived in the highlight on July 1, 1520. After he mortally wounded the Emperor Montezuma, Hernando Cortés, believing that won the war, ordered his men to gather riches of the kingdom in an attempt to leave the continent at night. But angry Aztecs, who wanted to avenge leader and to defend the capital, did not let the conquistadors to reach too far, attacking them near the capital Tenochtitlan, where fierce fighting took place. The ensuing carnage filled Lake Tezcuco Spanish corpses and stolen treasures of Montezuma: countless gold and silver ornaments and a collection of jewelry.

Cortés and some people managed to escape death and returned a year later for revenge. When Tenochtitlán townspeople learned that Spaniards approaching treasure remains buried around Lake Tezcuco greed to keep out the Spanish. Today, the vast treasure remains hidden in mud and swamps outskirts of Mexico City, where once had been colossal city Tenochtitlán. Generations of treasure hunters have searched in vain treasure. A former president of Mexico even ordered the bottom of the lake to be drained, but not so Aztec treasure was not found

3 Treasures Decebal (Decebalus)Existence Decebalus treasure is one of the most fascinating enigmas of Romanian history. It starts with statements Roman historian Dio Cassius (155 or 163/164 - 229) and then, following the Roman conquest were discovered and Decebal treasures that were under Sargetia River near its capital. History says that Decebal "to divert the river with the help of prisoners and dug a hole. Put into it a lot of silver and gold, and other precious things, especially among those that support moisture and afterwards brought back into the river's bed. All the prisoners put safe in caves, clothes and other things less valuable. Bicilis But a comrade or knew what happened, was taken prisoner and has exposed all these ". Also, Nicolae Iorga wrote in a paper that "if the monarch, the last mountain shelter after hidden treasures in caves some time collected, large table after his only companions." Last but not least, a scene on Trajan's Column shows a column carrying prey animals and that of Dacia. Some historians believe that it is the treasure found in the riverbed Decebal Sargetia (Sargetia), according to some experts the current course of the river stream.

Most archaeologists considered as a legend Cassius assessments originally taken from Diodorus of Sicily. Lydus Ioanes Byzantine writer, in his "De Magistratibus" developed on the basis of the Crito, Dr. Trajan, namely "Getica", said the defeat Dacia by the Romans after they took silver and gold-rich prey weight 5,000,000 pounds, dishes and glassware value and more than 50,000 native warriors with weapons captured everything. Jérôme Carcopino, professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Paris, became heavily involved in the war in Dacia analysis prey. He opined to 165,500 kg and 331,000 kg gold silver totaling 62.2 million gold francs. Although many of the figures he floated were considered exaggerated, it still offers a suggestive image on the riches of Dacia, in which may well be included royal treasury and have contributed greatly to solving the financial crisis of the Roman Empire and the completion of major construction. Nobody looked, but Decebal thesaurus field.

2 Amber Room

Many consider it the eighth wonder of the world. Boards composed of amber, gilded with gold leaf, was created by German and Russian craftsmen in the early eighteenth century and offered by the King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm I, Russian ally, Tsar Peter the Great in 1716 as a symbol of friendship, following exemplary diplomatic relations between the two countries. Impressive Camera built in amber and other semiprecious stones that now would be worth more than 200 million dollars, disappeared without a trace during the second world war, then being one of the most hunted treasures.

So far, no one has managed to track down, though, so scientists have made ​​detailed investigations to find it, and treasure hunters have a constant game to get rich. There are a number of theories about what might have happened to her. Some believe that during the Second World War in the room while trying to transport from Russia to Germany, the boat that led the 27 precious treasure chests sank into the sea. Others argue that burned during the bombing of Krolewiec castle where he had hidden during the war. Or that they are in an abandoned silver mine in Thuringia. Or the banks of a lagoon hidden in the Baltic Sea. But proponents of these theories fall all agree on the fact that it is unlikely that the legendary room is ever found. Until you find the truth, the Internet will continue to abound in theories of increasingly fantastic and the rooms will inspire more films in her story.

Amber is not a matter so valuable in itself, but is gem for history that can keep him. Amber keeps locked in his unique images, insect remains and objects trapped by sticky, and six tons of pure amber that has been made room formed the basis of modern movies like "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World" .

From across the room was recovered in 1997 only a small piece of amber plate it was padded. A lawyer from Bremen who had their hands on precious piece, tried to sell a former naval officer. Fortunately, it was part of a group of archaeologists who tried for years to find the remains of room, and so the song reached in good hands, that is in the custody of a museum in Russia.

Frustrated that you can find, historians and archaeologists have decided to reconstruct. Restoration work began in 1980, scientists trying to recreate the room after photos, memories and remnants left in the original descriptions. However, despite modern equipment available today had the impressive creation is extremely difficult to go to finish. It seems that history has its winding paths and its ironic: the Germans have created room, made a gift Russians took it back because now they will be the ones who pay for its reconstruction.

1 Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant, as they are also called artifact mentioned in the chapter of Exodus in the Bible, is the most important treasure of Christianity. For Israel, it constitutes the most sacred object on Earth created by God Himself, according to Moses on Mount Sinai. Ark is a massive chest, overlaid with gold, 118 inches long, 78 inches tall and wide, with a pair of wooden handles on one side and the other of its length, to transport and two golden cherubim willing face girl with wings spread above "mercy seat". Chest supposed to house sacred relics, including the two stone tablets on which were written the Ten Commandments and a pot of manna from heaven which had fallen to feed the Jews in the wilderness after had passed the Red Sea, they were freed from slavery in Egypt .

Jerusalem, the capital of the kingdom of Israel and the house of Solomon's Temple was the place where the Ark of the Covenant was housed. In 607 i.Hr city was sacked by the Babylonians, more than a million people were killed. 70 years later, when the Israelites returned to the city, the Ark disappeared. Since then, not sure what happened to this priceless relic and various rumors were fueled speculation only. Of these, the most prevalent is the one in which the Ark would have been hidden by Israel before skipping town, with the occupation of the Babylonians. Possible locations are said to be Mount Nebo in Egypt or Ethiopia. The question is, though, if the Ark was hidden by Israel, why they have not recovered when they returned to rebuild the city.
Despite the lack of evidence, Ethiopian Orthodox faith in the Ark of Aksum continued to be strong. According to legend, the huge site of the kings of Aksum funeral was hidden Ark of the Covenant, the most precious treasure of Israel. Over 1,700 years old and 24 meters tall, the Aksum Obelisk, the Ark was supposedly weighs no less than 100 tonnes. Mystery lift absolutely incredible obelisk made many to launch all kinds of theories, which more or less phantasmagoric. But not until today arhelogii could not fully explore the underground maze under granite colossus. In addition, scientists today have failed to explain why it's underground labyrinth guarded so damned deadly traps for anyone trying to explore the tunnels. Others believe that the Ark was destroyed by the Babylonians, while others belief is that God himself has hidden the Ark by divine intervention and that the artifact will be found only by the righteous. Since there is no mention of its destruction, people have not stopped until today to look for and unravel the great mystery.

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