Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sonda Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer ( LADEE ) reached lunar orbit

LADEE s-a învârtit de trei ori în jurul Terrei şi a ajuns pe orbita lunară 

A lunar probe launched by NASA on September 6, managed to place in orbit around the Earth's natural satellite, despite the smooth functioning of operations and missions launched by U.S. space agency is seriously affected by the federal budget in the country.

According to Reuters, the probe Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (Boxes) was launched on September 6, with a small rocket, placed it on a highly elliptical orbit around the Earth.

Having made ​​three revolutions around the Earth , Lade was Sunday in the ideal position to start the engine and propulsion reversed , with which managed to reach an area where gravity could be attracted to the Moon and then placed in lunar orbit .
Synchronization operations was not ideal . Budget crisis that partially blocked the functioning of the U.S. government made ​​about 97 % of the total staff of about 18,000 employees whom NASA has not worked in this zile.Însă among the 3% who could still have been working Boxes and mission controllers who monitored the difficult maneuver to place the probe in lunar orbit , said the mission coordinator , Greg Delory , a researcher at Ames Research Center in Moffett Field , California.
Over the next two weeks, the boxes will adjust the orbit to position themselves at a distance of 155 miles ( 249.4 km ) of the lunar surface , considered an ideal distance to study gases surrounding the Earth's natural satellite and dust electric charge on the lunar surface .
U.S. government budget crisis should not prevent a review of laser communication system that is endowed probe boxes planned for later this month , said Greg Delory .

Infographic: How NASA's probe of the moon's atmosphere works.

Last week, NASA returned to work teams prepare a new and probe the Martian, whose launch is scheduled for November 18.

Meanwhile, teams from NASA that still works these days oversees communication satellites and scientific space probes
Sursa: Mediafax

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