Saturday, 28 February 2015

Devil's Stone - legends about demons and ogres, good spirits woven around it !!

A solitary rock located at the bottom lake Spring Mountain, a few kilometers from the resort Durău, captured the attention and aroused the imagination of locals who have legends woven around her demons, ogres and a bet with God. Some say that this night would change their position, while others believe that the Devil would continue to visit and sit on top of it, when the fires are extinguished, and the animals and birds quiet.

Stone Fucking, located at the bottom of the lake Spring Mountain Bistrita River is a monument of nature with natural reserve status. Rock has a height of 23 meters and is located on a ledge a few feet above the water level. You can see it best when you pass the viaduct that crosses the lake.

Locals have several legends about the Devil's Stone. The first talks about the devil made a bet with God. The devil wanted to gain control over mankind and God persuaded to make a bet with him to achieve his goal. He boasted that he could steal the top of the cliff Ceahlăului and will bring him until dawn. Devil managed to get past the mountain, but while trying to bring heard the song cocks at sunrise, hopefully and dropped it. Still trying to move out of place, say the locals, but fails never more than a few inches. So it came to believe that the Devil stone changes its position during the night, which is explained by specialists as actually an optical illusion created by the increase or decrease water flow.

Photo: Adrian Stoicoviciu / Tuesday Photo

Another legend speaks of God's anger on people who by their behavior dezamăgiseră him. Then the Devil proposed him to punish such a flood of Noah's time. So he hopes to win the world. A storm started and the Devil wanted to stop with a rock during Bistriţei desprisă of Ceahlău and thus to drown people. Although he managed to take her rock and go flying, Satan lost his powers when hearing the song cocks, announcing that the night is over, and dropped it. The flood destroyed local homes, but the rock did not move to the water. From time to time, the devil comes back to it and sits at the top. Then, as if by magic, all fires are extinguished and the animals and birds quiet. This legend appears in the writings of A. Russo.

Third Stone legends Devil talks about an ogre who lived on Ceahlău. He lured young mountain plateau and turn them into stone. A father whose daughter had been kidnapped by several locals gathered ogre and ogre went to lie in wait on the desire to destroy. Angry ogre waited nightfall, which came with a storm, tore off a cliff Ceahlău and tried to throw over the village rebels. He escaped the stone outside the village, after the Ceahlăului good spirit, depicted as a sturdy young man riding a winged horse, the sword knocked over claws

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